Genel 8 October 2014
Common Compulsory Courses
Common compulsory courses which are offered through distance education are provided as formal education in SAU Culture and Congress Centre. Date and Time for Courses    Ataturk’s Princ… View →

Genel 22 September 2014
Entrepreneurship and Project Management Course
Entrepreneurship and Project Management is a common course of University and it will be taught in Bachelor’s Degree Programs. The course will be presented on Students … View →

Genel 9 July 2014
2014-2015 Undergraduate Admission for Internationa… View →

Genel 25 April 2014
Erasmus Staff Mobility Results
2013-2014 Academic Year Erasmus Staff Mobility Results have been announced.  Teaching Staff Mobility (Accepted and Waiting List) (XLS) Ders Verme Nihai Liste (Asil-Yedek) (XLS) Staff Mobility for… View →