Prof. Dr. Fatih SAVAŞAN

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Message from the President

Dear Students,

Sakarya University (SAU) aims to provide you the necessary contribution to prepare you for life and help you with reaching your goals. Our motto "Shape Your Future" is the product of this aim. An aim is meaningful if there is enough infrastructure to realize it. Besides our dynamic and competent training staff, we are ready to prepare you for life with our wonderful campus with lake view, laboratories for education and research, 24/7 active student societies and social facilities.

The academic units of SAU aim not only to provide the necessary knowledge about the field, but also to make students gain the competence to obtain and process the knowledge. This requires a solid theoretical education, the analytical thinking ability to understand and solve the complex problems of life, and the motivation to imagine and enforce the limits. Constantly updating educational programs, Sakarya University gives importance to gaining an interdisciplinary perspective and designs an elective course pool to enable this, also extensively uses programs such as Applied Engineering Experience Training (UMDE) and internship programs that bring the students together with the sector/business.

SAU students organize sports and cultural activities with their student communities and bring joy to campus life. They participate in national and international technology competitions and receive awards. Our international students empower our cultural wealth; they bring colour to the classes, lectures and social events.

Dear students,

SAU is a brand of Sakarya. Sakarya is a city of peace integrated with the university. The city has a rich cultural diversity and a human profile that values students. You will truly love this city.

With its experienced and dynamic staff, innovative practices that add value to the society and with the search for continuous quality that has become a corporate culture, SAU will continue its march with you. Esteemed young people, who step foot on this land but constantly update the possibilities of service to humanity by searching beyond, you are very valuable for us.

I wish you success in life.

Prof. Dr. Fatih Savaşan