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Fatih Savaşan, was born in 1971 in Tokat, completed his secondary education in Tokat Imam Hatip High School (1989) and his undergraduate education in the Department of Finance of the Faculty of Political Sciences at Istanbul University (1993). After working as an Assistant Auditor at the Court of Accounts for a while, he obtained his Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Economics respectively from the University of Colorado (1997) and the University of Kansas (2002) as a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Education.

Savaşan, who worked as a faculty member at Uşak University until 2009, also carried out administrative duties such as department head and vice dean. Savaşan, who served as department head at Sakarya University until 2017, as director of the Kaynarca School of Applied Sciences and Director of the Institute of Social Sciences, was a visiting researcher at Stanford University (USA) in 2013. Savaşan was lastly the Vice Rector of the National Defense University.

Savaşan, who has published many articles and books in the field of Finance, especially in the informal economy, tax amnesties and international migration, has pioneered the organization of congresses and workshops in the field of Islamic Economics and Finance since 2012. He has concentrated his academic consultancy and publications in this field.

Savaşan, who has been a Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy Chairman of the Central Registry Agency since 2016, and also has been undertaking the duty of MKK Board of Directors since June 2017. He is a Member of the Board of Istanbul Technopark and he contributes to the work of the Center for Political, Economic and Social Studies (PESA).